according to the weather, it’s not supposed to rain between the hours of 3 and 4, which is when i leave for work on my very much electric bike

however, it just got done raining so everything is wet, which makes riding a bike less safe 

according to the weather, it’s due to start raining again late in the day all the way through and past midnight, which is when i’d need to go home

i could get a ride, but that would require leaving my bike there, meaning i’d have to walk the three miles down there saturday (assuming it’s not raining) to get it

this destroys the point of a weekend. 

however, the entire week the forecast has predicted rain yet for the most part it was a light drizzle and easily born though the rain on my glasses felt less safe though traffic lights were really fucking pretty through them okay

i get paid for 8 sick days and i have not taken one yet. 

dad’s suggestion was to buy a cab, but that would effectively make me lose money

however, calling in sick would look bad. most people do not consider me sick, so calling in because tired and/or depressed (or even just to avoid the rain) would look lazy. i would feel lazy even though i know this is probably internalized ableism. 

my brother and boss would probably be disappointed especially since i do have this monday off

calling in sick would effectively give me a four day weekend and even though that was not my intention it still looks bad. 

my dad is a hypocrite and has called in for less but because i want to and people think that i am one of the laziest people on earth i am lazy and just want a four day weekend and shit. 

would ruin my record of never calling in sick (but why put so much emphasis and focus on that record what is the point?)

i am seriously overanalyzing this i know

don’t look at me

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