also sometimes i get frustrated when the only thing people take away from complaints about a popular slash ship not being canon already because the text is always joking about [oh boyfriends??? would that be two queens??? etc.] is


when no 

that’s not what was (usually) said

make it canon


stop queerbaiting/joking/whatever

it’s a very reasonable request to not be a douchy human being and to not trivialize other experiences and/or identities while perpetuating heterosexism, racism, etc.

which reminds me

i know most of the time i talk about queerbaiting

but i think that het ships are baited too — which of course, isn’t surprising because hey, baiting is the easiest way to be a dick, isn’t it, it’s just a joke you know, come on laugh while i prod you painfully in the ribs

thinking mostly of donna and the doctor when people asked if they were a couple and they assured everyone all the time that they weren’t as a running gag that got old really fucking fast let me tell you

and i’m pretty sure it happened to castle and beckett too? i’m not sure—i kinda stopped watching the series after the first two seasons

but as far as i can tell, this sort of “baiting” occurs in two contexts:

  • lol it’s funny because it would never happen because reasons 
  • but wouldn’t it be great if it did happen wink wink nudge nudge excuse us as we work everything up to an unheard of level of UST that will be released when the couple is actually made canon

so take donna/doctor — even though Donna is portrayed as a bride twice, she isn’t portrayed in the same way as Rose or Martha (or even Amy). Her bride status is, actually, especially in her introductory episode, designed to be a joke and to illustrate my god, who’d want to marry you! which gets subverted eventually—but it still existed, and it was still there

and the narrative relentlessly goes out of its way to point out how lol-worthy it is to even think of the doctor and donna together.

and is it any coincidence that the only serious romantic contenders for the doctor’s affections in the new, rebooted series measure up to the privileged ideal?

it’s not.

the second is actually fairly popular with most canon ships or ships working its way to being canon: castle/beckett, mulder/scully (i only watched the first season of x-files, but i’d be damn surprised if they didn’t do it at least once); bones/booth, etc. 

this device could also count as foreshadowing, i suppose (my severe dislike for this particular trope would also describe it as a cheap attempt at foreshadowing but that is probably just my bias leaking through)

it just gets really interesting you know

how the rules change depending upon the ship

so uh

i’m kind of at a loss when people get mad at other people for getting mad that their ships will never be canon even though it’s joked about on the show (which is basically the writers acknowledging that the ship exists and then mocking the mere idea of it existing) because

who wants to be a joke all the time?

i mean that’s pretty gross 

it’s a “”“nice”“” way of saying you’re undesirable and unworthy of that particular story or even of being really.

and it’s just a particularly vitriolic kind of cruelty that really should have no place at all in anything.

it is upsetting to see plenty other certain kind of ships always getting the teased to fulfillment treatment (and, inevitably, these ships are usually the ones that measure up to whatever privileged norm that’s been ascribed as ideal) while others are consistently denied it (which, not so shockingly, don’t measure up completely in those same ways)

and it is perfectly legitimate to get mad about it and to ask writers to either stop doing it or to make it canon

because god forbid we demand other people to be decent human beings amirite or amirite


i know i’ve said this before and i know that i’ve been mocked for it before

shipping does not exclusively happen in fandom. 

the powers that be of whatever show? ship harder than even the fiercest members of fandom

they might ship in different ways

they might even not use the word “shipping” because language and language elitism and the divide between canon and fanon and what all

but they do because they are the creators of the canon

and what those people ship and how those people ship it says a lot about the canon the writers are creating in this act of story-telling and shipping

in the same way that shipping says a lot about a fandom and the people therein.

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