i am going to write this post in the interests of fairness

but i am really frustrated with sera gamble and her contextualizing of Castiel, Sam, and Dean.

specifically her use of the word “bonkers”

her lack of finesse, subtlety, nuance, and respect to the characters and slip-shod excuse for the storyline

the fact that she does not seem to see Castiel, specifically, as a person

(and the way she does talk about the supernatural story and any of the characters, for that matter, seems to be representative of the writing advice to do bad things to your characters and to put them through the ringer—which, yes okay—but don’t forget they are people while you’re at it, not toys)

i just want this season to be over already

no more hiatuses



just show the remaining episodes on one night so that we can have done with it that would be swell.

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  2. sextmen said: i think her problems are compounded by the fact that she doesn’t seem to be that great at interviews. but saying, basically, that it’s frustrating that cas has a mental illness so he can’t be used as a tool by the winchesters!? no why please stop.
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