[normally I find you to be pretty on-point with things but I have to say your recent post about the angels makes me a little uncomfortable? like I get what you’re saying about the love of angels being destructive but the undertones of ‘hurts Sam because xe loves Sam’ put me in mind of domestic violence apologist lines which is…pretty problematic]

Hi anon.

I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable. 

I should have been more careful instead of posting a conversation without the background and personal context that Kate has with me.

It is my understanding that apologists are inclined to excuse the abuse by saying it’s not bad because the person loves so and so.

Wrong. Gross. Etc.

I think that what Castiel did to Sam was absolutely wrong. I don’t however think that Castiel did it from a perspective of hate, because I do think that Castiel does love them—a dark love, a dangerous love, a destructive love, an ultimately unhealthy love that should never in any way be romanticized or glorified because that’s gross. That, ultimately, was the point of the conversation—to process why Castiel would do that and to imagine angelic relationships with the glimpses that canon has given us. 

The conversation was never about excusing Castiel or saying that what Castiel did was okay or not so bad because of reasons.

It was simply trying to tease out Castiel’s perspective.

No judgement call was made in the post—because Kate and I have a mutual understanding, and I failed to elaborate on that understanding.

This does not in any way excuse what Castiel did.

There is no excuse for ever hurting someone, no matter how a person feels or what their motivations are.

No excuse. 

I’m not sure if my thoughts about Sam’s forgiveness made my position on the unexcusable nature of Castiel’s deed clear—so let me clarify.

I love it when Sam has agency (agency for all the people tbh), and I believe he used his agency to forgive Castiel. I find that beautiful.

I do not believe that Sam was in any way obligated to forgive Castiel.

If Sam did not want to forgive Castiel, I would be glad that Sam was doing what would make him safe and emotionally healthy, and would find that a beautiful decision too.

Again—I’m sorry that my position on this was not made more clear. I’m sorry that I was not clear that this was not a Defense of Castiel Post—merely a Thoughts on Castiel post.

I’m very sorry that my blog became an unsafe place—that has never, and will never be my intention.

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