So for the past couple of days, snippets of quotes from this article have been drifting their way through my dash. Most of the reblogs I’ve seen have been largely positive—and so I’m probably doing that thing where I over-react again and piss on fandom parades but oh well.

The title, “The Real Woman: Why Molly Hooper Is The One Who Counts” is intensely problematic to me.


because it sets a standard for “”“real”“” womanhood, as if there is a “”“fake”“” womanhood and that’s—

just not how it works.

Irene and Molly are both real.

The second half of the title bothers me too—because that’s the problem, isn’t it. The question is the problem.

"Who counts?"


we all have a voice

and unfortunately the privileged majority frequently marginalizes all our diverse and beautiful voices.

so it pisses me when you have articles like that masquerading and peacocking as something Good and Progressive when all they do is participate and exacerbate the initial problem—

which is are oppressive systems for viewing/navigating the world which needs to be torn the fuck down

This is the inherent misogyny in the show, in the world—that it sets these women against each other.

And then fandom participates.

okay dot jpg.

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