okay tomorrow i am going to go to work by first ignoring any and all social obligations having to do with certain people

on my lunch break, i am going to politely turn down any offers and will eat at my desk as is my normal habit, but first i will call the nearby toyota dealer about my fucking wheels and my careless fucking driving.

i will then finish work, come home, watch B99 and the Good Wife, then start season 4 of Gilmore Girls bc i’m turtle-shelling and also stress marathoning that

and then i’ll pretend that everything is fine and is going to continue to be fine even though i know that’s not true.

but everything is going to be fine, really it is.

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i really hope that walking dead treats seth gilliam’s character well, unlike a certain jeff davis in a certain show called teen wolf

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i wish people would stop defending john winchester like just acknowledge he’s a piece of shit why is that so damn hard.

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j9tigger replied to your post “earlier today at denny’s i accidentally parked too far and normally it…”

rubbing on tire means it will wear out faster, and possibly pop when you don’t want it to - get out the hammer, or dry ice the reverse side to shrink it back in place (if it’s small).

ugh okay thanks

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earlier today at denny’s i accidentally parked too far and normally it wouldn’t matter bc the park stoppers are tire height but no these stoppers were like monster truck height and i kind of ran into it with my fender. I wasn’t going very fast so i didn’t think anything happened but a sickening crunch, esp since the outside of the car wasn’t dented, but now every time i make a left turn there’s like this tire rubbing against inside!fender sound so i checked it and there is a dent on the inside and i don’t really know what to do about it because i don’t want to pay for it to be fixed and i’m also tempted to just hammer at it with a literal hammer but then it’s also like….so the tire rubs a little of the tire well on sharp left hand turns that can’t be too bad can it?

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"Next time, I’m learning that telekinesis spell.."

I wanted to draw a cute witch girl so yeah

Love this

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you ever get emotional that the theme song for gilmore girls is clearly and obviously based on that passage in ruth yet there aren’t any f/f couples at all

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