I hadn’t realized that referring to mai and tai lee and azula as Ozai’s Angels was a thing but can we like not do that?

Children being turned into weapons by their father or ruler in order to continue the expansion of the fire nation isn’t something that should be idk trivialized?

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big hero type goes to save the world from an ancient evil unsealed after a bajillion years except they end up dating the ancient evil instead

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Anonymous said:
Also the writer or producer or something ADMITTED it was "because it was sexy" or something, so nobody really has the excuse of defending it for Plot reasons even if that were a legit defense. :|

yeah i think i remember hearing something about that too. i’m just so very tired of them.

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PSA: this post was written on August 31 2013. For some reason, it garnered a lot of attention during the 2014 sdcc, nearly a year later. I have since been asked for sources, a concern I address here: [x

sometimes i remember how jensen ackles was able to say no i’m not dancing in ballet shoes because he wasn’t comfortable doing so

and it was removed from the script

but genevieve cortese had that same discomfort with her torture scene and it wasn’t removed from the script and she still had to do it.

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But I’m not a memory, Benny. I’m right here.

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