I love the property, I love the animals, and I tune out the people.

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Had you known it was your last time mowing the lawn, it would have been with great sadness.
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Leverage - Group Shots

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please don’t make me cry

i was just thinking about it while i was watching that episode in leverage, and i was like, there are criticisms about interns and their unpaid labor, but then i was thinking about school, the physical act of being in the classroom and learning, and i realized that i haven’t read or seen or even heard as much criticism about the unpaid labor that students put into their degrees every day. and then i was thinking that people don’t recognize student labor in the classroom as such because it’s a learner/teacher scenario—as if somehow that delegitimizes it.

and i was wondering how different the education system would be if students were paid to learn, if that economic power the educational institutions held over students, especially poor students, was taken away. if the promise that to succeed in this country you need to get a degree in order to access more material wealth and assets just to survive by burying yourself into deeper debt for a promise that they made but are never, ever held responsible to deliver—

was suddenly rendered moot by the simple act of paying students for their labor (and I’m not talking about scholarships that are dependent on grades, or work study or something like that—because, useful as those are, it is still not enough).

where would we be if students weren’t thousands and thousands of dollars in debt? if people could go to college because they don’t have to afford it anymore—because it’s a source of income, and they are now being paid for their labor.

and then i was wondering how many professors stole their students work and nobody says bo-peep because nobody views their contributions as valuable anyway. 

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like what if you got paid for going to college.

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"is college credit code for you’re not going to pay me"

one of the most relevant quotes in leverage ever.

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work wants me to come in three hours earlier on wednesday for a lunch thing like what the eff

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need to start thinking about nanowrimo bc i wanna do it this year.

i’ve only completed it once.

a long time ago

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